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Mom and Dad at their reception (3)

True Valentine emerges in letters of love

Ashland General Hospital

The Christmas Cough

Christmas of 2012

The love of a father, that one Christmas night

The Country Store-Postcard

Lessons learned in war rationing

The Mall-Original-cropped (3)

Malls may be dying, but true friendship survives always

A Different Kind of Childcare-Just Ten Bites

A different Kind of Childcare-Just 10 Bites

scary traffic-1

Scary Traffic -and then only 5 seconds to live

It was just another Sunday (5)

It was just another Sunday

The Neighborhood Moms-submission

So is it ‘Mr.?’ ‘Ms.?’ “Mrs.?’ What do we call grownups?

The Country Store Namakagon

The Country Store

Skating Rink 1971 Laurie-Mary (2)

May all winters be recalled as magical


Romance and Roller Skates

Christmas Card Photo-2009

How to Find Your Success on Facebook


What I Really Wanted That Christmas

recipe box

The Recipe Box


Making a home found in the house that nearly broke us

Time Change

The Time Change

Building Something Together

Building Something Together

Camping-Boys catching minnows2

Week at lake offers reminders of what really matters


Finding peace in a most unexpected place

Sand Box Creation 1966-Jodi and I (2)

I swear


Stressing over party prep; or was it something else?


Through dads, girls find their endless possibilities

American Citizenship not to be taken for granted

American citizenship not to be taken for granted