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Ashland Ford sign-closing day

Dark days spent watching the loss of an American dream

John J. Kreeger - Website

Say Mr. Kreeger, Kruger, Kreger and Krueger, were you my Great-Grand Uncle?

I Think I Love You (3)

I think I love you

But Doc

But Doc, red wine is good for you!

IMG_4923 (1)

Regifting some calamitous gift stories

Christmas 1984-kids and ornaments_2 (2)

The Lights Never Twinkled Brighter Than the Year of the Hospital Visit


Learning to be thankful during hard times

Mom & Reggie

Thankful-Even with Mom in a nursing home this Thanksgiving

Lucky to be alive-picnic table-2

Summer storms aren’t all we manage to survive

Nina Belle-Graduation photo (4)

A Mother’s Day Ode to a Grandma with spine

Bob Standard- Photo-Young Josie by McAdam-Ottumwa, Iowa (3)

Day of celebration suddenly becomes more special

1971-72 Beaser School- Grade 5-Mrs. Ashbacher

Why would you want to go into teaching?

Little White Tea Set-Daily Press

Fragile Tea Set Links Ashland Generations

True Valentine emerges in letters of love

True Valentine emerges in letters of love

Ashland General Hospital

The Christmas Cough

Christmas of 2012

The love of a father, that one Christmas night

The Country Store-Postcard

Lessons learned in war rationing

The Mall-Original-cropped (3)

Malls may be dying, but true friendship survives always

A Different Kind of Childcare-Just Ten Bites

A different Kind of Childcare-Just 10 Bites

scary traffic-1

Scary Traffic -and then only 5 seconds to live

It was just another Sunday (5)

It was just another Sunday

The Neighborhood Moms-submission

So is it ‘Mr.?’ ‘Ms.?’ “Mrs.?’ What do we call grownups?

The Country Store Namakagon

The Country Store

Skating Rink 1971 Laurie-Mary (2)

May all winters be recalled as magical