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Battles to Snuggles photo

From battles to snuggles: It’s always the smart kids

COVID Article-1

Beware another kind of deadly COVID-19 threat

Empty Shelves

Hope needed when every stranger poses a health threat

Madeline McKnight - Daycare Zoom Classroom (8)

Zooming into a new daycare world

a no contact world (2)

How to grieve in a no-contact world?

Ashland Ford sign-closing day

Dark days spent watching the loss of an American dream

John J. Kreeger - Website

Say Mr. Kreeger, Kruger, Kreger and Krueger, were you my Great-Grand Uncle?

I Think I Love You (3)

I think I love you

but doc

But Doc, red wine is good for you!

IMG_4923 (1)

Regifting some calamitous gift stories


Learning to be thankful during hard times

Lucky to be alive-picnic table-2

Summer storms aren’t all we manage to survive

Nina Belle-Graduation photo (4)

A Mother’s Day Ode to a Grandma with spine

Bob Standard- Photo-Young Josie by McAdam-Ottumwa, Iowa (3)

Day of celebration suddenly becomes more special

1971-72 Beaser School- Grade 5-Mrs. Ashbacher

Why would you want to go into teaching?

Little White Tea Set-Daily Press

Fragile Tea Set Links Ashland Generations

Ashland General Hospital

The Christmas Cough

The Country Store-Postcard

Lessons learned in war rationing

The Mall-Original-cropped (3)

Malls may be dying, but true friendship survives always

A Different Kind of Childcare-Just Ten Bites

A different Kind of Childcare-Just 10 Bites

scary traffic-1

Scary Traffic -and then only 5 seconds to live

It was just another Sunday (5)

It was just another Sunday

The Neighborhood Moms-submission

So is it ‘Mr.?’ ‘Ms.?’ “Mrs.?’ What do we call grownups?

The Country Store Namakagon

The Country Store